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Hydraulic Rock Drill


1. 能耗低,钻凿同样的岩石炮眼仅为风动能耗的 1/3;
2. 液压凿岩机重量轻,体积小,冲击能量大,冲击频率高。在岩石硬度为普氏 7.6 的花岗岩上钻
凿Φ42mm炮眼时,钻速可达 800-1200mm/min。
3. 液压凿岩机噪音比风动凿岩机低10dBA;
4. 使用寿命长,关键零件冲击活塞寿命为风动的3倍以上;
5. 液压凿岩机扭矩大,减少了卡钎现象,冲击应力波接近矩形波,提高了钎具的寿命;
6. 价格低,仅为国外同类产品的十分之一。
Seven advantages which increase the drilling efficiency five times.
1. Low consumption,only 1/3 consumption of wind kinetic energy while drilling the same
rock blasthole.
2. Light in weight, small in size, huge impact energy, high impact frequency. The drilling
speed can reach up to 800-1200mm/min when drilling hardness 7.6 platts granite
blasthole of Φ42mm.
3. The noise of hydraulic drill rig is 10dBA lower than that of pneumatic drill rig.
4. Long service life, the life of the key part-impact piston is three times longer than that
of pneumatic drill.
5. Hydraulic rock drill rig torque is big which reduces the possibility of jamming
phenomenon. The impact wave is close to rectangular wave which improves the
lifetime of drill rods.
6. Competitve price, only 1/10 of the same products domestic.


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